"At turns hilarious, tender, and tough, this is the fabulous memoir of a woman who forged her own path to the writers room in an industry dominated by men. She's wise to what was going on around her, yet unafraid to admit how insecure she was in her work.... Lakin can only be admired -- by both women and men -- for forging a marvelous path through fears and heartbreak. Was it a charmed career? No. One clearly earned."
--Foreword Reviews

"Lakin has written a frank memoir with anecdotes, some funny and some appalling, that illustrate the bizarre inter-workings of show business and the difficulties women have faced in Hollywood. If you like an underdog story, or if you like reading about Hollywood, you'll enjoy The Only Woman in the Room."
--Monica's Bookish Life

Praise for Getting Old Is The Best Revenge

"When seventy-five year old Gladdy Gold reported that she thought a murder took place the police basically patted her on the head and then ignored her. She and her five friends not only proved a homicide occurred, they proceeded to find the killer. Realizing that senior citizens are invisible to much of the population, Gladdy and her friends formed the Gladdy Gold Detective Agency.

Readers who believe life slows down after seventy donít know Gladdy and her friends. They have more energy then many people in their forties as they live life to the fullest, going places and working as detectives. This is a cleverly thought out mystery and readers will not be able to figure out how the deaths and old murders are linked until the author chooses to reveal it. This senior citizen chick lit cozy is a funny yet exciting geriatric mystery."
--Harriet Klausner

This was such a fun book to read. Though it's the second Gladdy adventure in the series, it stands on its own as a rich and intriguing story. It's filled with colorful characters who will have you laughing until your sides ache. I'm so glad to have started this series, and I await the next installment with great anticipation.
--Reviewed by Jory Reedy
March 15, 2006

Praise for Getting Old Is Murder

"Imagine Miss Marple wielding bronzer, a sure command of Yiddish profanities and a mean elbow on the Early Bird Special buffet line, and you've got Gladdy Gold."
--Maureen Corrigan. Washington Post Jan. 8, 2006

"The comic relief allows Lakin to tackle the issues she once set aside, from the value of friendship and community among the aged to the tough realization that 'old' often means 'marginalized'...Gladdy and the Gladiators, meanwhile, seem to have taken on a life of their own. Condo life may never be the same again."
--Karen Lipson. Newsday. Nov. 12, 2005

"Getting Old Is Murder is a terrific cozy filld with elderly Yiddish chick lit humor. The story line is mostly told by Gladdy, but contains a host of other individuals with plenty of kvetches and of course Gladdy's GAS (geriatric amatuer sleuths) gang. Fans of South Florida who-done-its starring septuagenarian and octogenarian retirees trying to keep their medicines straight will enjoy Rita Lakin's amusing tale."
--Harriet Klausner
Read full review here

"Young and old, Jewish, Protestant, Atheist, all will love this tale told with clarity, wit and interesting characters. This is a must-read mystery. Miss it and you'll be sorry."
--Janet Overmyer. I Love A Mystery Newsletter. November 2005

"This story is filled with fun characters and lots of humor. It's the first book in a new mystery series featuring Gladdy Gold. I await the next book, Getting Old Is The Best Revenge, with great anticipation."
--Jory Reedy
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