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Rita Lakin was a Television pioneer...literally The Only Woman in the Room! This deliciously juicy remembrance reminds us what it was really like behind the scenes of TV in the 1960s and beyond. Written in breezy and yet heartfelt style, Lakin takes us back to a time when women were unheard of in that business. Widowed too young, left with three small children to support, she was forced to get a job in an era when being a wife and mother was the accepted role.

She talked herself into a secretarial job at Universal Studios (though she could neither type nor take dictation). With moxie and guts she broke into a field dominated by men. Meeting hundreds of famous and infamous show biz folks along the way. She rose from free-lance writer to Series creator, to Executive Producer, having written 260 scripts in one year’s job alone and hundreds more before she retired twenty-five years later. She brought many women into the business and was a feminist, writing on important issues, before she had any idea what that meant.


Greetings from Gladdy Gold

I know. I know. Everyone has been asking where was this year’s Gladdy Gold mystery? But Gladdy and her girls were told to take a vacation because Rita, the writer, was busy with other books.

By now, many of you have heard of kindle and eBooks. It’s about writers bringing out others of their books written earlier and now for sale on Amazon. Not in bookstores. You can read them on your kindles and nooks or else buy the paperback editions. Hope you’ll look them up.

To the right are the two latest, available ones. And I have to warn you, the first is a sweet story and the second is a scary thriller.

Hope you get to read them. And then, let me know what you think. I love to hear from my readers.

As for the Gladdy books, I’ll get back to writing them soon.


A Little About Rita

BREAKING NEWS! The Only Woman In The Room, a memoir of Rita's pioneering days as a TV Writer in Hollywood, coming October 20, 2015, by Applause books! Preorder now!

Rita got her start in television, writing and producing shows such as Dr. Kildare, Peyton Place, Mod Squad & Dynasty. She created her own shows: The Rookies, Flamingo Road and Nightingales. She wrote many MOW’s (Movie's of the Week) and mini-series, some of which are still being produced.

She shifted her focus to novels and is the author of the gloriously funny Gladdy Gold mystery series.

Her many awards include Writers Guild of America, Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Allen Poe and the coveted Avery Hopwood Award from the University of Michigan.

The Complete List of Gladdy Gold Mysteries

Getting Old Is Murder
Getting Old Is the Best Revenge
Getting Old Is Criminal
Getting Old Is to Die For
Getting Old Is a Disaster
Getting Old Is Tres Dangereux
Getting Old Can Kill You

eBooks by Rita Lakin


It was summer and Ruth Hailey was fifteen, trapped with her mother on a bus heading for a Catskill mountain resort that promised nothing but boredom and desperation. She could already imagine the inevitable assignment in school next fall: How I Spent My Summer Vacation.”

Two months later she could have filled a diary. About her absent father. About her mother and all the other manless women at the old hotel. Mostly due to husbands and sons away at war. About Abe, the proprietor’s handsome 4F son. About 16 year-old Lenore, old before her years. Fate had cast them together in a summer of love, loss and rebellion that changed Ruth’s life forever.


At first Andy could not believe the changes in his pregnant wife. Elinor recoiled from his touch. She kept asking about his first wife, Laurie. She hung strange coins on the nursery wall and refused to leave the room. Then came the fire…

The doctor called it a breakdown. But how did Elinor suddenly know the terrible secret of Laurie’s death? How could Andy explain the brief, horrifying moment when he saw Elinor transformed—into a living image of Laurie. And what of the word she had spoken—Lilla-abi—and its haunting meaning?
Finally he began to suspect…